Welcomed May 15, 2016- Tammy & Chris, Ian. A warm welcome!!

Elected April 2016:



Steve Wolf

Vice- Minister:

Andy Gubicza

Formation Director:

Dave Artz


Steve Hurtak


Trish Wolf

Councilor #1:

Elsie Arnold

Councilor #2

Ken Ritchie

November 15, 2015 we are overjoyed at the profession of our Brother Naed!

September 20th meeting is our pilgrimage to the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Shrine, in place of our regular meeting. Car caravan leaving Good Shepherd Parish at 10:30 am. The day will include a short movie, free time, a walking tour, Mass at 1:30 and dinner together at the Fraternity's expense. Contact someone on the Council if you have any questions.

We had a welcoming ceremony for Theo Rudy in June.

A warm welcome to our new brother, Ned Smith, who received the Rite of Admission on Sunday, May 18th.

Many local parishes are having Virtual Lourdes Pilgrimages in 2016. Find the full list here:

THANKS BE TO GOD!  We welcome the 11th Bishop of  our Diocese of Harrisburg.

Newly Professed! W.Ken Ritchey and Mary Catherine Tierney! We are so blessed as a fraternity to have the opportunity to welcome 3 brothers and sister in as many months into our Franciscan Family! May God bless them and protect them!

Newly professed! Our brother, Richard Fairfax ofs on August 11th!

A new religious goods store in the Harrisburg area:


Our Fraternity congratulates the Fraternity members of the newly established San Antonio de Padua Fraternity.  The Fraternity was canonically established on Sunday, December 2, 2012, at Saint Francis of

Assisi Church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The members of the new Fraternity are Maria Rosa Barajas, Jorge Class, Ana Delgado, Beatriz Frometa,

Liduvino Medina, Maria Santos, and Guadalupe Sidhu.

Their Election of Officers was held on Friday, December 7th.  Their new council members are

                            Minister: Liduvino Medina

                  Vice  Minister: Beatriz Frometa

                          Secretary: Guadalupe Sidhu

                        Treasurer: Maria Rosa Barajas

     Director of Formation: Maria Santos

How to Pray the Rosary, a meditation on the Life of Jesus according to the Bible here:

A great help for saying the Liturgy of the Hours HERE- "4. The brothers and sisters as well as the fraternities should adhere to the indications of the Ritual with respect to the different forms of participating in the liturgical prayer of the Church, giving priority to the celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours [14] " Chapter 2 Article 14 Constitution of the Secular Franciscan order.

The National Catholic Bioethics Center
- A site for everyone who is whole-life pro-life:  HERE

When does human life begin? - New educational information HERE

Catholic Marriage information HERE

Link to flower petal rosary site.  I have not used this company, but the idea is beautiful.

Catholic Information about the Rapture HERE at Zenit